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When moving into any area, new or old, it’s important to work with a realtor who has insider knowledge. That’s exactly what you can expect when you partner with Walden & Co to tailor your Dahlonega realty experience.

We are professionals who eat, sleep and literally breathe Dahlonega (the air, that is!) and we have never been more excited to share the local experience with you. Whether you’re seeking a home of a certain style or era, a specific school district, a neighborhood with unique amenities, a property that has a rental unit or another unique feature, Walden & Co has you covered in a way that only develops with time, and more importantly, expertise.

How Can We Serve You?

We understand buying is an emotional time for you, the buyer. As such, we want to assure you we provide the best-in-class services to assist with your search. These include:

  • Easy access to everything and everyone you need: your buyer’s agent, home inspector, client concierge and all the other moving parts of the sales process will be at your fingertips.
  • Leverage technology to communicate: one of the most frustrating things a buyer can go through is working with an agent or team who doesn’t communicate well. We leverage the best in technology to ease your concerns and ensure the process is transparent at all times.
  • Armed with reputation: the most valuable thing a real estate company has is its reputation. Luckily, we are armed with a great one. That means we are ready to protect you throughout this process and will work hard to get you in your dream home.
  • Streamlined buying process: look, we want to make things easy. From initial consultation to closing, every part of that process is streamlined to fit your busy life and unique needs.

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful things a person experiences in their lifetime. At Walden & Co, we understand and we work in tandem with you, and the seller, to ensure the transaction is smooth and works to your benefit.

The Best of the Best

If you’re buying home in Dahlonega, there’s simply no better choice than a partnership with Walden & Co.

We are committed to using our knowledge and professionalism to ensure you get the home of your dreams. We do this by offering all the bells and whistles of a boutique buyer’s agency, including hot technology, streamlined processes and a great reputation, to boot. Don’t get stuck with a house that isn’t your castle! Instead, partner with the best realtors in Dahlonega and you’ll be in your dream home in no time.



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